A Blender '2D' open movie project, directed by Daniel Martinez Lara.

Hero is a showcase for the upcoming Grease Pencil in Blender 2.8. Grease Pencil means 2D animation tools within a full 3D pipeline. In Blender. In Open Source. Free for everyone.

Hero is directed by Daniel Martinez Lara, and it is the 6th short film funded by the Blender Cloud.

Following the classic Blender Cloud publishing model, blend files, walkthroughs and breakdowns will be released in the upcoming weeks. You can already enjoy of Grease Pencil Blender 2.80 Free Samples in the gallery. And you can find anything you need to start with in Grease Pencil Resorcues page. Join Blender Cloud! Projects like Hero are made possible by Blender Cloud subscribers. Consider supporting us so we can create more Open Content and improve the best 3D (and 2D) animation software in the world!

Project Timeline