Blender VFX Workflow pt. 2

Track, Match, Blend 2 is a follow-up course about how to create Visual Effects with Blender. This includes camera and object tracking; rendering and compositing 3D elements into live-action footage; masking, keying, and rotoscoping; as well as set extensions, retouching, and footage cleanup.

##About Sebastian Koenig Sebastian König is a 3D Artist and Blender Foundation Certified Trainer. As a freelancer he uses Blender in his every day work, doing modeling, motion tracking, and VFX for various clients. In 2012 worked on the Blender Foundation's latest open movie Tears of Steel as Matchmover, Compositor and VFX Supervisor. Since 2013 he is working at blendFX, a small FX and animation studio in Leipzig. Apart from his work as a 3D and VFX artist, he also provides training and consulting, teaching Blender to students as well as companies.

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